How To Setup Your Table Saw Out of The Box

So your new table saw just delivered to your house!

You’re pumped. But how do you set this thing up the right way?

Look no further, your answers are right here. My Out-of-the-box Setup Guide will show you exactly what you need to do to set up your saw correctly.

The emphasis is on safety and attention to detail. You want to set your saw up in such a way that you find success with your projects more easily.

With that in mind, let’s begin with your workshop.


Your table saw’s habitat is so important to consider.

Many DIYers set up in their garage. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, there are a few requirements for a safe workstation. The first and foremost being space.

It’s crucial that you have adequate room to move your work materials about. And obviously, you need to be able to navigate around the saw yourself. Please, do not set your table saw up in a cramped area.

Furthermore, keep the area organized and clean. These are vital aspects of table saw safety.

If you have a committed workshop, it is smart to place each of your big tools in a way that makes it easier on you. Keeping the entire space in mind can really save steps and increase efficiency. Consider your workflow.

Lastly, if your workspace is on your own property, has an attached storefront, or is anywhere else that puts you in danger of interruption, you must make sure those nearby know not to interrupt you when they hear the saw running. Something as harmless as an opening door can lead to major consequences. All it takes is the slightest slip and you are less one finger.

Now that you have decided where your saw is going to go, time to pull it out and give it a good once over.

Fresh out of the Box

Once you have the saw out of the box, the first thing you should do is find the manual and read through it.

Of course, make sure you have everything the manual says you are supposed to. Remember, when you buy online, do so from a reputable site like Amazon. That way you have peace of mind, knowing a multi-billion dollar company has your back.

Most of the time, your saw is not going to be aligned properly fresh out of the box. But before you go through the standard alignment process, you should check one specific aspect.

Measure to make sure both miter slots are parallel with each other. If misaligned, you have a manufacturing mistake that cannot be fixed. It will make your life more difficult and can create dangerous situations. Send it back and get a new one. If it comes back the same, choose a different saw and be sure to let the online community know.

Once you know there is no miter slot cast issue with your table saw, move onto the next step.

Almost Ready to Cut!

You’re nearly there. You only have a few more small tasks before you can begin to create your masterpiece!

Before you use your saw, you should go through the standard alignment procedure outlined in our Table Saw Alignment Guide. Align the entire saw and its accessories, starting with the blade. Then move onto the anti-kickback features, throat insert, miter slots, outfeed tables, rip fence, miter gauges, and other accessories. This can be an extensive process, be sure to read up on the proper techniques.

Next, check the alignment of the motor and arbor pulleys as well as belt tension.

Then, apply a silicone free, dry lubricant to the machine’s inner workings.

Lastly, clean the table surface and apply that same lubricant. You shouldn’t need to do anymore than that to it straight out of the box.

Now, your brand new saw is ready to go.

As long as you have the knowledge and the skill, you are completely set up for success.

Go out there and build great things.

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