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After the “get what we will give you” era of production that continued up until the 1970’s, manufacturers started to take note of what customers wanted, and started building more specialised products. This is how the hybrid table saw sprung into existence. If you are thinking you’ll need a quality table saw in the near future, here are some tips on hybrids, and all the info you’ll need to make a decision about buying one.

Top 2 Hybrids:

ModelNo-Load RPMMax Cut Depth (45º / 90º)SizeRip Capacity (Right / Left)
Grizzly G0715P Review

Grizzly G0715P Review

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3850 RPM2-3/16" / 3-1/8''26" x 30" x 43"

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30" / 12"
Shop Fox W1824

Shop Fox W1824

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3850 RPM2-3/16" / 3-1/8"27" x 55" (height: 34")

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What Makes Hybrid Table Saws Different From Other Table Saws?

Hybrid table saws are, as you guessed it, a hybrid of two different styles of saw. Cabinet style table saws are pricey and often out of the each of the hobbyist or small contractors budget, and a contractor saw is limited in ability and features. So out of necessity the hybrid was born, and combines the quality of a lower price, with more functionality than a contractor saw.

Most hybrid saws are smaller than cabinet saws, lighter, and correspondingly have smaller motors which are often between 1 1/2 to 2 hp. Some hybrids pack a closed in cabinet base that sits on the ground, and the rest feature a cabinet underneath, which then has short legs that it stands on.

The main difference between a hybrid and a contractor is that the motor is mounted inside the body. A hybrid often features more advanced gearing and a better belt style, all of which equates to finer cuts, less maintenance and downtime, and a higher calibre of work.

Which Specs Should You Go With When Buying A Hybrid Table Saw?

Dust control

Fine dust from woodworking is a pain in the backside, and can cause serious health issues if inhaled frequently. Most hybrids come with a solid sawdust extraction system and often a 4” dust port is standard on most rigs, but it pays to make sure first by checking the specs.

Riving knife

A lot of guys will agree that a riving knife is the number one safety feature to have on your hybrid. It prevents kickback which is the most common cause of accidents on table saws. Although it is considered standard on a lot of saws, ensure that the riving knife is the same arc shape as the blade and that it raises and lowers automatically with the blade.

Cam lock or rack and pinion fence

A quality fence makes the difference between a great fit, and an almost great fit. Although most hybrids will come with a good fence these days, it pays to make sure that the fence is good quality.

Dado blade inserts

If you cut grooves (what joiner doesn’t?), then make sure that your hybrid can handle the right size dado sets that you’ll need.

Belt driven system

Make sure that the belts on your hybrid are of a decent quality such as a serpentine belt & pulley kit. You can lose power and get dangerous and annoying slippage if your saw isn’t running a quality belt system.


Most hybrid saws are set up to run on standard power outputs in a residential building, but double check before you purchase one to make sure that your saw will run on residential power.

What Are Some Additional Things To Think About Before Buying A Hybrid Saw?

Blade guards & Safety Features

There are so many options out there for blade guards, and a lot of them are easy to remove if you need to do tricky cuts. If you have the option of a quick release guard, take it.

Arbour Speed

If you are doing a lot of work at home involving some big cuts, go for a higher RPM and take it slower pushing your cuts through and you will get a far better and faster result than a slower RPM.

What Jobs Would A Hybrid Table Saw Suit?

Hybrid table saws are just about on par with cabinet saws when it comes to features, reliability and ability to get jobs done. A hybrid table saw will be able to just about keep up with cabinet saws and do just as much work for a serious hobbyist or contractor. Any sort of residential or commercial work will be no problem for a hybrid saw, however a cabinet saw is just a shade bigger and able to take on bigger jobs.

Who Would A Hybrid Table Saw Best Suit?

If you are a D.I.Y or hobbyist, a hybrid will do any job you want. If you are a contractor, this saw will pull through on any job you give it. If you run a specialist joinery organisation, a hybrid saw wouldn’t keep up with a cabinet saw – but this is reflected in the fact that a cabinet saw is far more expensive.

A hybrid gives just about all of the functionality of a cabinet saw, without taking up a ton of room in your garage. This is the perfect saw for a serious contractor or hobbyist and will do everything you need.

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  1. Helped answer questions deciding on which saw to buy. Realistically for the amount I’ll use it the hybrid will more then fill my needs.

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