Table Saw Use & Maintenance Guides

Below is a list of all the comprehensive guides I have written so far for table saw users. I add one or two new articles a month on average and am open to suggestion as to what to include next. I hope you find the information contained within useful and detailed enough!

#1: How To Setup Your New Table Saw – right after opening the box.
#2: How To Align Your Table Saw – a very important step, often missed by beginners.
#3: Table Saw Safety Basics – must-read for every table saw user.
#4: How To Maintain Your Table Saw  – to get the most out of your tool.
#5: Essential Table Saw Accessories – the things you absolutely need.
#6: Beginner’s Guide to Table Saw Accessories – stuff the beginner will appreciate.
#7: Advanced Woodworker’s Guide To Accessories – for the more experienced woodworker.
#8: How To Use a Table Saw: Advanced Guide – only for the seasoned guys.
#9: How To Use a Table Saw: Beginner’s Guide – for those just starting out.
#10: Troubleshooting Common Table Saw Problems – because life ain’t perfect.
#11: Table Saw Terminology Guide – what do you mean “tenon”?

Happy reading.

– Mark


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for a very interesting guide.
    I am having trouble with my own table saw at the moment, I switch it on and it starts, but after about
    10 to 20 seconds it turns it self of.
    I have checked the reset switch and have removed the reset switch and by passed it as I thought it was faulty but the problem still exists, I have refitted the reset switch after cleaning it but the problem is still there.
    If you have any idea’s that would be much appreciated, I will give the table saw a good clean and see if that helps, if you have any idea’s that would help.

  2. Hello Mark,
    Thank you for these truly wonderful table saw guides. They are a mine of essential information, and very user-friendly.

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