DeWalt DW744XRS Review

ModelTable SizeNo-Load RPMMax Cut Depth (45º / 90º)Bevel CutsRip Capacity (Right / Left)Weight (saw / stand)
DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw

DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw

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29" x 21.5"3 6502-1/4" / 3-1/8''

Guides: saw alignment, maintenance, safety
-2º to 47º26-1/2" / 95-1/4"58 lbs. / 42 lbs.


  • Rack and pinion rip fence is extremely precise
  • Stand is very stable and easy to transport
  • Telescoping rip fence gives 24-1/2” rip in a compact package


  • Difficult to rip full sheets of plywood without support
  • If you purchase the side and rear extensions, the side extension slides out when using the rolling stand to move the saw
  • Miter gauge slot is not a standard T-slot


When you’re on a job site, you need a table saw that will stand up to rigorous use and rip your wood easily and quickly. The same goes, frankly, for working in your garage. When you invest in a table saw, you want that table saw to be accurate and powerful. Sometimes it is difficult to balance quality and accuracy with a compact size, but there are a few portable table saws out there that walk that fine line with grace. Read on to find out whether the Dewalt DW744XRS fits the bill.

What’s in the Box

Unpacking the Dewalt DW744XRS table saw is like opening a bunch of presents at Christmas time. Out of the single box, you’ll get your saw, stand, and a host of accessories. Here is what’s included in the box:

How Hard is the Dewalt DW744XRS To Assemble?

DeWalt DW744XRS 1Assembling and fine-tuning the DW744XRS is quite easy and takes almost no time at all. From unboxing to cutting took me no more than half an hour, which is a bit below average for a new portable table saw.

I do recommend taking the time to properly calibrate the table saw, because once you do, you will be amazed at how precise and accurate this table saw is. Dewalt does a fine job of making the adjustment knobs and controls easy to access, and proper alignment and tuning only takes a few moments. The rack and pinion rip fence holds true alignment quite well, as does the saw blade itself.

Not so for the miter saw, and this is where the biggest weakness of the DW744XRS lies. The included miter saw is cheap plastic, and Dewalt has neglected to use a standard miter gauge T-slot here, so adding a third-party miter gauge requires some engineering and finagling.

What Are the Best Features of the Dewalt DW744XRS

I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my tools, wanting all of their accessories to be easily stored when not in use. For this reason alone, my favorite feature of the DW744XRS is the on-board storage for the Site-Pro guarding components and push stick when those components are not in use. This also makes it quite easy to pack up the saw and go from job site to job site, since you know everything you need is right there on the saw.

The 15-amp motor is strong and durable, cutting through the hardest woods with relative ease. Remember, though, that
this is a portable saw and a 15-amp motor is at the low end of the best quality table saws, so move slowly when you are working with really hard woods if you want to avoid binding. You also need to remember to have this saw running off of a 20-amp breaker, since the saw will draw slightly more than 15-amps when under heavy load.DeWalt DW744XRS 3

The telescoping rip fence is another excellent feature, since it allows you to have the expanded rip capacity of a larger table saw but the portability of a smaller table saw. The rack and pinion fence adjustment makes for smooth, accurate settings every single time.

Finally, the rolling stand is durable and very useful in transporting this table saw. The only drawback here is that if you invest in the rear and side extensions for the saw, these attach and stow in such a way that the side extension will slide out the bottom of the cart while you are transporting. With that said, the large rugged wheels are perfect for curbs and stairs, and I feel confident taking this saw up even finished stairs.

How Durable is the Dewalt DW744XRS

This saw isn’t your grandfather’s cast iron table saw, but it isn’t a cheap piece of flimsy plastic, either. The cast aluminum table is quite sturdy, and the motor is powerful and well-built. I’ve knocked my DW744XRS over a couple of times (a real challenge, because of how sturdy the table is, but I’m talented that way), and the saw maintained its accuracy and power without any problems. The soft start motor reduces wear and tear when starting up the saw, and I’m confident this saw can last quite a long time. As a side note, this saw has even been caught out in the rain a time or two, and still works perfectly.

Is the Dewalt DW744XRS Easy to Use?

DeWalt DW744XRS 2
The saw is very easy to setup, align, and use. Everything you need to use the saw is right where you expect it, every time, and the saw performs flawlessly under even the toughest of circumstances.

The electronic feedback in the motor accelerates the blade when need be, keeping consistent blade speeds even under hard use. Not many table saws can compare with the DW744XRS in this regard, and I’ve found the saw much less likely to bind up on hard woods than other table saws in its price category.

What’s the Warranty Like for the Dewalt DW744XRS?

Dewalt covers the DW744XRS with a three-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. I haven’t had to make use of any of them. I have, however, dealt with Dewalt’s customer service in the past, and found them to be pretty decent folk to work with.

DeWalt DW744XRS Review Summary

The Dewalt DW744XRS is an excellent portable table saw. It’s heavy, but the rolling stand makes it easy to transport from job site to job site. It sets up easily, holds its accuracy, and is more than capable of powering through even the toughest woods. The only drawback to this table saw is the miter gauge, but if you know how to set up your own sleds for your table saw, those are usually more precise and accurate anyways. Take a look at’s price on the DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw if you’re interested.


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